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Board of Directors
Golden Minerals Company is managed by its officers under the direction of an eight member Board of Directors. The individual Directors serving on Golden Minerals’ Board represent a broad range of qualifications and expertise in the mining industry, in international business and in finance and accounting matters. Golden Minerals and its Board of Directors believe that Directors should possess the highest personal and professional ethics and integrity and be committed to representing the long-term interest of the shareholders. The Board has a substantial majority of directors who meet the criteria for independence required by the applicable law.

Directors must exercise their business judgment in a manner they reasonably believe to be in the best interest of Golden Minerals and its shareholders. Directors are expected to and do attend Board meetings and meetings of Board committees on which they serve. Non-executive directors meet in executive session when they deem it advisable. Directors have free and direct access to officers, employees and advisors of Golden Minerals. The Board and its committees also have the power to hire independent legal, financial or other advisors as they deem necessary.

All members of the Board of Directors are welcome to attend the Annual Meeting.

Procedures for Shareholders to Propose Candidates for Election to the Board of Directors Policy Regarding Stockholder Communication with Directors    



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