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PROJECT PIPELINE – Advanced Exploration Stage Project

El Quevar

Location & Access:
The El Quevar silver project is located in the San Antonio de los Cobres municipality, Salta Province, in the Altiplano region of northwestern Argentina, approximately 300 kilometers by road northwest of the city of Salta, the capital of the province. The project is also accessible by a 300 kilometer dirt and gravel road from the city of Calama in northern Chile. The project is near Nevado Peak, in a valley with altitudes ranging from 4,300 to 5,200 meters above sea level.

A high tension power line is located approximately 30 kilometers from the site and a high pressure gas line devoted to the mining industry and subsidized by the Salta government is located within 5 kilometers of El Quevar.

The nearest village is Pocitos which has approximately 150 inhabitants. Pocitos is located approximately 15 kilometers to the west of the project.

The climate of the area is high mountain desert, with some precipitation in summer (as snow) and little snow in winter.

We have established a camp with accommodations for 140 people approximately 10 kilometers west of the project.

El Quevar Location Map


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