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PROJECT PIPELINE – Advanced Exploration Stage Project

El Quevar

Property History

Mining activity in and around the El Quevar project dates back at least 80 years.

1800s – 1930s: Small-scale mining and prospecting in the El Quevar massif is rumored to have been carried out intermittently since the 1800’s. With increasing access after 1930, the tempo of activity increased somewhat, but was never of more than local importance.

1930s-1950s: Production from small non-mechanized workings for extraction of lead and silver (no production records exist from this period).

In the 1970’s the government-sponsored Plan NOA-1 was carried in northwest Argentina, including the El Quevar area. This program included geological fieldwork and prospecting in 1971 to 1974.

Systematic exploration on the property began in the mid-1970’s, when the Argentine government-owned company Fabricaciones Militares drilled 3 or 4 holes, probably in Quevar Norte. No records of results have been located. Later in the 1970’s BHP-Utah Minerals International drilled 3 holes in the Mani-Copan area just south of Yaxtché Central. No data have been located to document this work, which is believed to have focused on porphyry-copper potential.

In the 1990’s, the Mexican company Industrias Peñoles undertook surface sampling in Quevar Sur. No locality data nor assay results from this work are available to Golden Minerals. In 1997, Minera Hochschild completed 6 reverse circulation and diamond core holes in the Mani and Yaxtché West area, as well as trenching across the Mani structure. Results of this work are available to Golden Minerals. In 1999, Mansfield Minerals collected surface and pit samples at Yaxtché. Golden Minerals has the results of this work. Golden Minerals is not aware of any estimates of mineral resources made prior to 2004.

Beginning in 2004, Golden Minerals (and its predecessor Apex Silver Mines) have undertaken exploration at El Quevar through its Argentine subsidiary Silex Argentina.


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